One of the best activities in Karpathos island are the boat trips, which depart from the main port of the island just 100 meters away from our suites in the morning hours.
Daily boat trips and excursions are quite popular among the visitors of Karpathos, because sailing on the sea offer special adventures. Some of the best beaches of Karpathos (Ahata, Kyra Panagia, Apella) and Saria Island can be visited daily, and some hidden one can be discovered during the excursions. Cruise on the clearest waters of the Aegean Sea and enjoy the amazing scenery of Karpathos from a deck.


Karpathos island has exceptional windsurf capabilities in Greece and visited by hundreds of windsurfers each year. The winds of the island are so unique and support windsurfing, so Karpathos hosted also a windsurf world championship.
The center of windsurf is located in the southern side of Karpathos, where the wind conditions are the best. The best windsurf spot in Karpathos is known as Kipi Afiarti (Afiartis) , which is a small settlement next to the airport of Karpathos.


The beaches of Karpathos island offer several great dive and snorkel spots.
Crystal clear waters, interesting marine life and some underwater sea caves are waiting for travelers in Karpathos Island. Around Karpathos there are many diving sites, where you can admire the marine life on your own or with support of an official diving team.
Karpathos Diving Center operates in Pigadia (Karpathos town), next to the outer port of the capital.
The diving center of Karpathos offer for its clients scuba diving lessons and yacht-based diving tours.
The instructors of the diving center have PADI qualifications and the equipment which can be rented are in good conditions.


There are so many great hiking routes in Karpathos island, which lead to secluded beaches, to the top of high mountains, or just several nice trails between the beautiful villages of the island.
Don’t forget, Karpathos offer not just amazing beaches for visitors, but it is worth to explore the interesting landscapes and best hiking trails as well.
Karpathos is a hiking paradise, where the nature is almost untouched, and easy to forget the civilization. The amazing geographical diversity and beauty of the island make it into an excellent destination for hiking, one of the best places for this activity in the area of the Aegean Sea.